To be a great place to work, you need great people. Everything we do, every day, as a team is to make a unique contribution to our company’s growth.

We pursue the utmost satisfaction of our private clients, business partners, shareholders, and employees. The key to our strategy has always been to attract and retain people who share our passion for hospitality, concierge services and luxury rentals. We base this approach on our core values: integrity, honesty, unending enthusiasm, and a continuous spirit of inquiry. Because we strongly believe in these values, we consistently work to identify talented people who share these same principles.

With all your requests you can connect your Personal Assistant from You’re Invited, available 24/7. Call for any requests with the special telephone number which you can find on the back of your membership card or send us an email. Are you not a member, but would you like to contact us? Then contact us via our contact form or send an email to 

We will try to answer your request or comment as quickly as possible. Also for press and media requests please send us an email, we are happy to assist.