You’re Invited concierge service is an invitation to artists, celebrities, top athletes and driven entrepreneurs. We offer a complete private unburdening service and if desired for your company to support your relationship management.

You’re Invited offers information on the most popular (Michelin) restaurants, hotels and clubs, arranges reservations and takes care of every assignment and meeting right outside the door. We regularly offer VIP tickets for events such as Formula 1, international football matches and special concerts by major artists. Our service can even be used for unique tailor-made corporate events, worldwide private jet flights, rental of luxury cars and various yachts. With our current range of hotels, restaurants, culture and entertainment you can come to us with all your personal hospitality needs.

You’re Invited, which uses an extensive national and international network, guarantees a complete unburdening: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Everyone who engages You’re Invited is assigned a Personal Assistant. Your P.A. leaves nothing to chance. He / she can be reached at any time via a special telephone number and e-mail address. You can also communicate with us via various social media channels.

With You’re Invited, you translate from a satisfied relationship into a loyal relationship. Research shows that on average 80% of the marketing budget is spent on recruiting new customers. This is important because there is growth potential here. However, 20% of your current customers account for 80% of your future turnover. Your existing relationships are the core business of your organization. They are responsible for the turnover of today and also for the growth of tomorrow.

The services of You’re Invited have received major media attention in the Netherlands from, among others, Quote, Algemeen Dagblad, Radio 538, RTL Boulevard and various hospitality trade magazines. We currently work with more than 1000+ different clubs, hotels and restaurants in Europe, Dubai and USA and support various large companies in the field of relationship management and customer loyalty. You’re Invited also manages a separate top sports division and serves many athletes and professional football players at the highest level.

More information? Contact us today at info@youreinvitedcard.com or fill in the contact form on the website. Our experienced Personal Assistants are happy to assist you.