Modern affluent men and women know that time is their most precious resource. When you’re always connected and on the go, your time is the one thing you can never get back. To help you save time and get privileged access to private events that money can’t buy, a luxury concierge is your perfect companion. It’s your secret weapon to unlock a world of exclusive experiences and VIP events.

Looking for a last-minute private jet to take you from Amsterdam to Ibiza over the weekend? No problem! Dying to get a front-row seat at the next fashion show? Done! Wanting to try the new Michelin star restaurant in London? Your table is reserved for this evening. It’s that easy.

You’re Invited offers information on the most popular international restaurants, hotels and clubs, arranges reservations and takes care of every assignment and meeting right outside the door. We regularly offer VIP tickets for events such as Formula 1, international football matches and special concerts by major artists.

Our service can even be used for tailor-made vacations, worldwide scheduled flights and private jets, rental of luxury cars and various yachts. With our current range of hotels, restaurants, culture and entertainment you can come to us with all your personal hospitality needs.

You pay a fixed amount per year for the membership to be part of the service. In exchange, you get 24/7 support from your concierge who will, over time, get to know you and anticipate your needs. You’re Invited works for private clients as for corporate clients.

The membership can also be written off professionally as representation costs. We do not charge a fee per request, so you can make unlimited use of our services throughout the year.

If you are interested in a membership, we will gladly enter into a personal conversation with you or your company to identify your wishes.